Antoine Eckart is a French artist
currently living in Lyon, France.
He shares his time between
commissioned and self-published
works. He works closely with
the cultural and musical scene
and his offbeat universe is an
invitation to a mental journey.
Best known for his humorous daily
drawings and flat compositions
of bizarre yet poetic life scenes,
his sketches feature scribbled
and uneven lines and gives
an aphoristic vision of the world.

Besides of his artistic activity,
he runs with Francis Josserand
the graphic design studio
Alles Gut.

Some artworks are available
for sale in the shop.
Don’t hesitate to send
an e-mail for further informations.


For any inquiries,
you can send an e-mail at:


All right reserved © Antoine Eckart
Développement web © Francis Josserand


Arty Farty, Building Paris,
Chez Emile, DIY Art Market, F.COM,
France Culture, Laurent Garnier,
FrenchFourch, Kiblind, Klar, K-Way,
LeftHand édition, Colorama Press,
Merci Bonsoir, Bureau Mirko Borsche,
Nieves, Ninkasi, Nuits Sonores,
Palma Records, Point Éphémère,
Pop Up Market, Sottises,
That Place Records, Villa Schweppes…


Vazistdas — Kiblind Galery
Lyon, avril 2019

It Looks like drawings — Batt Coop
Paris, novembre 2018

Déambulations — Palmas Boutique
Belgrade, novembre 2017

Dubl Trubl — Urban Spree
Berlin, septembre 2014

À fond la forme! — Mademoiselle Major
Lyon, février 2014

Montreal, mars 2012

Nous venons en paix — Nazeem
Brest, septembre 2011

It’s a good day — Boutique Kulte
Lyon, avril 2011

La Surprise — Galerie La Surprise
Paris, décembre 2010