“It’s often the case that we can’t remember our dreams. And when we don’t, they seem blurred, their contours impossible and their scenes unthinkable. In this sense, Antoine Eckart draws dreams. His images seem to come straight out of an altered reality, passed through the mill of a freewheeling brain more attentive to sensation than to the exact description of events. The Lyon-born artist’s trembling lines, mutant characters and hesitant shapes give his work that lovely taste of dreaminess, that inimitable dose of poetry. The important thing here is not to recreate things, but to give them their aroma, their very essence. And thus, to get closer to their true nature.”
Maxime Gueugneau

Besides of his artistic activity, Antoine runs with Francis Josserand the graphic design studio Alles Gut. Since 2018 he has been teaching typography and illustration in various schools and giving workshops on the practice of drawing.


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Selected clients

Agnès B, Arty Farty, Building Paris, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Colorama Press, DIY Art Market, F.COM, Éditions FP&CF, France Culture, Laurent Garnier, Fotokino, FrenchFourch, Kiblind, Nieves, Le Pop Club Records, Ninkasi, No Ideas NYC, Nuits Sonores, Point Éphémère, ROM Magazine, Udada festibala…

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